Need A New School For Your Teen Girl? 3 Reasons To Consider An All-Girls Catholic High School

Sometimes, your teen may need a change of pace. If she has been struggling in school or hanging out with the wrong crowd, it might be wise to enroll her in a school where values are celebrated, such as an all-girls Catholic high school. Here are a few reasons to consider these religious institutions and how their high standards could help your teen. 

1. Introduce Her To New Friends

One of the best things about sending your daughter to an all-girls school is the fantastic opportunity she will have to make new friends. Oftentimes, parents who choose religious institutions for ongoing learning are committed to helping their kids to make good choices, follow a good path, and excel in school. When your daughter attends an all-girls Catholic school, she can get to know girls that come from great families, and individuals who truly care about her education. 

2. Ensure Teachings Fall In Line with Values

When you send your teen to a public school, she will be learning the standard curriculum the state has set. Unfortunately, this curriculum may not fall in line with your personal religious beliefs. However, if you are a devout Catholic, you can rest assured that your teen will be educated with your beliefs in mind. Teachers may incorporate different lessons from scripture into the daily curriculum, so your teen will enjoy a great education that still encourages faith in your values. 

3. Encourage Community Involvement 

One of the hallmarks of a Christian education is a focus on service. If you want your young adult to get involved in the community, Catholic school makes sense, because she will have the chance to give back to the homeless and the community. Your teen may be able to participate in city cleanup projects, relief funds, and other events that will help her to serve others, gain perspective, and enjoy great service experiences that will enrich her life. Oftentimes, teenagers need these experiences to appreciate what they have, to learn more about community involvement, and to develop more empathy for people who are less privileged. 

When you can tell that it's time for a new school for your teen, look no further than a religious institution committed to education and helping to instill great values in youth. Before you enroll your teen, tour the school with them so she can see what kinds of programs are available, and read plenty of online reviews to see how people like the school.